1/9/2017- Skills

We are initiating some new refined movement standards and trying to perfect our coaching of the old ones so here are a couple videos that may help you understand our reasoning or may clarify a question you may have about why we want you to do things the way we do. I have been digging back into the archives to refresh some of my coaching techniques so I figured I would share some of the things I have learned with you in the event I didn’t translate the movement well enough for you. Some of these videos use a lot of medical terminology so I try to queue it to you guys a little less technical. Those of you that really like to geek out on this stuff will like these.

Coach S


Friday 1/6 – Saturday 1/7 Instructor Subs

I (SS) will be out of town this weekend so we will have substitute instructors for Friday and Sat.  David will be coaching on Saturday morning and Charmayne will be coaching Friday at noon. I am still working on a sub for Friday’s 9a class but I will post here and also put up a sign on the door to our closet if class is cancelled. There will be simple WODs to follow and please do NOT try to change or add to the programming unless it is post-class accessory work.

1/5/2017 Skills – Diaphragmatic or “Crocodile” Breathing

Today’s skill is Diaphragmatic Breathing also know as Crocodile Breathing because of the resemblance to the way a crocodile looks when they are at rest and it looks as if they are breathing into their belly. The belly expands outward on the sides as well as the front of the belly causing the lower back to rise. The link below shows some of the benefits of this technique along with the demonstration of how to do it correctly.


Other benefits:

  • Thoracic (upper back) mobility
  • Great relaxation technique
  • Lowers heart rate faster when at peak heart rates
  • Reinforces core stabilization all the way around the torso