02062018 Feb Strength

I wanted to teach you guys some things that you can do outside of class to use for increasing strength so for the next three weeks we will be working on squats and deadlifts for our Tuesday and Thursday sessions. Tue will be squats and Thu will be deadlifts. We will be using a method named the Juggernaut Method. It was developed by Chad Wesley Smith by modifying a method(5/3/1 Method) developed by Jim Wendler(both powerlifting gurus).

I am including a link to an excel spreadsheet(that I found and modified a bit) that will help you do all the calculations and programming on your own. It will calculate all of your weights for you and list out your sets and reps. Pretty friggin’ easy if you ask me. It’s a four month program that you can use four days a week. Or you can use it for just one or two lifts like we are over the next three weeks. I like it for its versatility and most of all for its effectiveness. Do make sure that you are doing an accessory WOD after the lifting so that you can insure the gain in strength. I have done this program many times and programmed it for many individuals and it always came down to whether or not they did some accessory movements after the lifting to emphasize the muscle strength gain. Too many times they felt that the lifts were enough and then complain that they didn’t increase their 1RM even though they did all the lifting. I included a tab with recommended WODs that you can use and recycle over and over for the specific workout it is geared for.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Coach Schwab

The Juggernaut Method Spreadsheet: Master TJM